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Womenswear designer Olivia Gabraitis focuses on emotionally reactive design with sustainable and tactile outcomes. She currently creates in her studio in Yorkshire, England and her Welsh / Lithuanian roots heavily influence her work.

She has an interest in the way that artists and designers see the world and engage in the creative process. "I like exploring the way in which our senses can be subverted through alternative ways of creating (e.g. making without sight, creating without touch). Outsider Artists, diversity and disabled creatives inspire my work as well as art movements such as Surrealism and Expressionism." After completing a Foundation Diploma in Art & Design at Leeds Arts University in 2015, Olivia studied Fashion Design (BA Hons) at the University of Edinburgh in 2016.


Graduating in 2019 from Edinburgh College of Art, she worked on her  6-outfit Graduate Collection showcasing at The National Museum of Scotland and at Graduate Fashion Week in London in 2019. Olivia won the Graduate Fashion Week 2019 Tag Your Talent Competition, and was a finalist for Doncaster Fashion Week's Northern Powerhouse Designer of the Year 2019 and nominated for the Daniella Sciama Award for Achievement through Adversity 2018.

Drawn to bold colours, print, vinyls, sustainability and colourful textures, she found herself creating pieces that represented diversity and emotionally considerate design through sustainable means and with a focus on colourful textiles.

"Recently, my work has published on Season of Next Top Model (Poland), a Berlin based magazine called KEYI and a New York based magazine called the Editorial QC, and I am currently completing freelance work and am open to collaborations."

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